The Horseshoe Store and more

                                                                                    since 1978

The Horseshoe Store & More

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Welcome to

Our Virtual

Horseshoe Store

We are Manufacturers

Advantage Horseshoeing Tools

Pocket Anvil® & Shoemaster® Horseshoe Shapers

and rebar + metal benders for artists and craftsmen.

Our  PATENTED tools are made here in the USA

& are backed by a 1-year warranty.*

(alterations make the warranty invalid)  

Advantage horseshoe shapers for farrier, horse owner, packer, rodeo & rancher.

Plus our Shoemaster is now being used by metal artists around the world!

Patented, exclusively manufactured & distributed by the Horseshoe Store & More

Pocket Anvil #4420

Shoemaster #4440

Optional Packstand #4435

Be sure and visit our other divisions:  

Polished, Plated, Engraved horseshoes for special gifts for special people.   Remember : We are Artists. We can make nearly anything with horseshoes.  You imagine it. We can create it.    

All natural products for people, pets and our earth.  We are Environmentalists.  Our earth is our home so its best we take care of it all

We proudly ship when possible with recycled materials because We care about OUR world.

Please reuse the packing materials or give em to someone who can use them!  

Thanks for looking at our site!


Max Middleton