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     #4440 SHOEMASTER®

              PATENT #5,095,995

          NO ANVIL - NO HAMMER

          Completely Adjustable


          Bends and Straightens to 1"

          Levels 3/16" to 1/2"

          Squares Toes/Turns Trailers

          Variable Handle Height

          Only 7 Pounds!

          Stand & Instructions included

    please download our video here

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Been using your Shoemaster since last March - sure don’t miss that anvil noise.  My shoulder, elbow and wrist don’t hurt from all that vibration. I’m getting pretty good at rounding out fronts and squaring hinds -wish I had known about this ten years ago-glad I’ve got one now! T. Sanchez, farrier

Thanks for your courteous service & quick shipping on my new Shoemaster. This is the 3rd one I have ordered over a long span of years.  I am in my sixties and if I still used an anvil I would not be shoeing the amount of horses I do and I definitely would have a lot more back trouble!  The Shoemaster has been a godsend in that area and of course in the time you save. It is so easy to operate and I have convinced at least 3 shoers in my area to change...and they are glad they did!   I might add that when I decide to purchase a new tool I have always gotten half or better from the sale of my old one.  A Loyal Customer, Howard Wood, Sparta, IL

....This shoeshaper - the Shoemaster, is a fantastic tool and deserves a lot of praise.  it surely makes horseshoeing a pleasure.  You should have a medal hung up in your office for getting older shoers like me to try something this good. Heck, I’ve been using an anvil for 30 years too long!  B. Ellsworth

My dad and I thought it was a joke when we saw your ad, but no way - this shoe shaping device (we got a Shoemaster) is serious business.  We’ve used it hard for a year now and it is holding up great.  I’ll be getting a Pocket Anvil for packing next Spring.  B. Cashmen

I thought I’d tell you how completely satisfied I am with my Shoemaster. For two weeks I quickly and diligently practiced until I only needed my forge to make therapy shoes for navicular and other problems.  This tool is the main tool in my truck now. It has taken at least fifteen minutes off of each horse I shoe and I can square toes and make trailers easily and in minutes.  Sometimes, I close shoes on the front foot without removing them! I bend 000-3’s, aluminum and steel shoes and wide webs to narrow/racing plates. This tool “Rocks” - I wouldn’t be without it!  Gratefully, John Deegan, New River, AZ.


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