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     1.     Which is better the Shoemaster or the Pocket Anvil?  

We’re asked this question alot.  Some farriers prefer the light weight aspect of the Pocket Anvil.  Others love the adjustability of the Shoemaster.  For those who wish to shape a wide range of shoes, the Shoemaster is the tool - but if you’re using mostly 00-2 keg shoes - the Pocket Anvil will suit you just fine.

     2.     Can I use a cheater bar for leverage?

No! Unless you want to invalidate the 1 year warranty on your Shoemaster or Pocket Anvil.  And not if you read the instructions and watch the dvd which will show you how to get more leverage from the second position with the tool lower in the stand.  The tools were carefully designed to give you the most options for shaping horseshoes cold - YOU might think you’re smarter than the inventor...but, he’s one smart cookie.

So, use this as it was designed and we'll all be happy.

     3.      Can I buy replacement parts?

Yes!  Check out our page Replacement Parts


4.      Got something that will improve our tools?

contact us - we might buy your design!


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